10 Shocking Anime Scenes That Are Totally Creepy

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top 10 weird anime tv shows that will shock you
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When it comes to movie and television entertainment there are two main categories everything falls into – live action and animated. Using real people, animals and objects, live action is probably the most watched and recognized when it comes to blockbuster movies and television series. Think of the X-Men or The Avengers – both live action interpretations of comic book stories. On the other side we have animation. Naturally, most people think of cartoons when they hear the word ‘animation.’ Often incorrectly associated with children’s entertainment, animation can be either hand-drawn, as with the classic Looney Toon cartoons or computer generated as seen with the latest Pixar releases. Yet, even then it’s not straightforward given the various sub-genres of the animated world.
Perhaps one of the most popular animated genres is anime. Originating in Japan, the world was really introduced to the style thanks to the likes of Astro Boy. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, more followed and the fan base for this distinct type of animation grew. So what makes anime so different from ‘traditional’ Western cartoons? In a nutshell, anime not only has a distinct ‘look,’ but also makes us of significantly different camera techniques and story content. For this reason, anime is not like ‘regular’ cartoons and can even be quite strange to newcomers. In fact, it can get down-right bizarre and creepy at times. As these following examples show, these are not your Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck storylines. From strange monsters to gruesome killing to aspects of, if not prepared, anime can really make viewers stop and question what on earth they are watching.

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Black Scythe says:

Attack on titan?

numi says:

ah yes anime…..scaring outsiders since forever

JustAnAnime Fan! says:

This is mostly just for gore factors. The only genuinely good shows included on this list are Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Hellsing, Hell Girl, And Shiki. Maybe even Narutaru? But certainly, all the others are just sad gore (I don’t remember all of them, but Another, Corpse Party, Elfen Lied, etc… are all pretty much horrible.

Malachi Jones says:

The richest will become the new whatchmojo.com

Benson Wu says:

Honda? I dont mind

Kaneki ken says:

Tokyo ghoul is better

84 Tubbs says:

Odd stories for odd children

Ian Gibson says:

People hate monsters

Ian Gibson says:

What the a is that a some kind of monster in his mouth and she is scared of monsters

bro says:

The few that I seen are shiki another the nail one elfen lied and a few others….they all are creepy

Making my name long on purpose cuz im special says:

Another is followed by corpse party

Super Broly says:

Don't forget Deadman Wonderland and Mirai Nikki

Epic Sans says:

Too spoopy fo meh

Raja Mahesya says:

2:10 which episode is that?


What about death note

Amanda Church says:

Dang she did love puppy
When she murder the bullys

Android Sexslave says:

I didn't know that Jews lived in Japan. Who else would create this trash? It's nearly as BAD as American TV. !

CureMacaron İsAwesome says:

Shiki İs My Favorite Anime

ғraιѕe тнe ғυrry says:


Mayethchristine Lofranco says:

Corpse party is a game right?

R.J.Kjeldgaard says:

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni is one of my favourite series ever. The manga is my favourite manga series hands down!

HyDrA//ModzZ says:

vampire hitler yey

How do you know I’m not big says:


Nyemah Starks says:

i wish i could watch corspe party but my aunt said i am not old enough to watch it );

Nyemah Starks says:

shivers alot

this creepy anime stuff is gonna get me nightmares

Arisbelle Amazan says:

Another😍😍😍😍my showww

Kawaii_Girl •3• says:


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