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bestamvsofalltime anime music video (amv)
Magic Eye amv edited by Shin

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Music – Florence & The Machine – No Light, No Light
Anime – (Google Doc). There’s also the comments & the video it’s self will normally have this information within. I can’t type the anime name here.

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Bestamvsofalltime is a chain of channels for showcasing ”better than average” amv. To me this can involve many things but it’s not limited to only godly editing.


The Dreadnought says:

Everyone ready for Steins; Gate 0? After playing the VN for it, I got to say, we're in for a ride.

Miyav Miyav says:

why dont u share anime names?

AMV Epics says:

This is an incredible AMV.

Nyla Stewart says:

omfg I wanted this amv to last forever SOOO GOOD

The Dreadnought says:

A few years late, but this is very good indeed. The work put into this is quite extravagant. Being knowledgeable about video editing myself, I can see that this took some time and effort. With Steins; Gate being my favorite anime as well I give it a 10/10 watching again. ^.^

WonderPlatypusShow says:

The only reason I know the eye colors of all the steins gate characters

Poo Bobbins says:

Hell yeah bravo

ZTW says:

The editing here is kind of unbelievable. WOW! Nice job!

JimmyCattro says:

i've watched it almost 1k times

Daniel Loor says:

Psy congroo….

nata3ldta says:

Having watched the anime just a few days ago, I must say this amv is perfect. The song is matching Steins;Gate so well, how desperate the singer and Okabe are to find an answer. I love it!

Blonde Ambition says:

Every time I watch the first episode of an anime that doesn't seem to hold much potential, I come to amv's. This one got me feeling some type of way and I'm glad amv's can do this because then I go back and binge watch the show and fall in love with them.

epos499 says:

Where has this vid gone???

0Mandalore says:

This AMV is much more powerful after playing Steins;Gate 0

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