Anime Creator english version

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youtube has been block my link so here is my blog for link 🙂
Anime Gen link:

youtube has been block my link so here is my blog for link 🙂
thank you ^_^


Raiden says:

hey how do you get this program i'm in an anime/manga club at school and we've been looking for something like this. please respond.

Lockhart Games says:

Nice, this work's great for me. I was just wondering if anyone know the "Terms of Use" for this? I looked and couldn't find it. Thank's again for a fine generator. It makes
nice bust's for my games.

BeingOfLight 1111 says:

GREAT THIS IS AWESOME!! Where do i download this???

Pyrix says:

wont let me downloud it no matter how much i try and i really need it for my OC.

x says:

How is THAT english

alexander balles says:

give a link 

Anime Lover says:

Hahaha its Alodia

Althea Rosales says:

what version is this?

Shana Martin says:

Fly me to the moon

Muhd Arif says:

i didnt found the download for this creator.. i just found download ilivid blablabla

Notch Gamin says:

Can you make it for mac?
Or is it for mac

josh307c says:

I had a new anime character generator on my channel. You can check it out.

Aaru says:

click "show more "^_^ or read description

Marjorie Navarro says:

what website?

Aaru says:

its in my blog on how to save your char

Rasp Berry says:

It's not english.. I tried it but the thingys.. the letters. Can you help me how to save my work??

itisthefear says:

i love the song whats its name !?

Aaru says:

yes she is 🙂 im a fan

hyperchris3 says:

i'm probably gonna murder this name… this is bayonetta music right?

Aaru says:

4 shared has been change you'll need to sign up 1st before you can download the file maybe ill change it to Media File ….:(

SHlRU says:

how do tyou download it? i know there is a link on the top >< but what do i press inside?

Adam Owens says:

5:16 >.O MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!1

Aaru says:

@FsrRedSlayer your welcome 🙂

Vorance Surves says:

thank you :3

Taylah Keaveny says:

is there a mac version

Lauste says:

@InvisibleWingedAngel Yep, That's Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Aaru says:

@EGamerXIIs check the link maybe you click premium user youll need to pay for that choose regular its free >,<

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