Anime Face Maker – Tutorial

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Anime Face Maker
Girl = 0:11
Boy = 1:26
Saving = 2:51
Avatar maker
Hi guys i’m making another tutorial !

I hope it helps! ^_^
enjoy tnx for watching

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Dark Dodger says:

as you did to your hair color stay?

Jalin Kelly says:

Heyy I'm From There! (I FOUND IT AGAIN YESSS Ive been looking because I want to do something

Juan CMF says:

why nyancat?

Taina Palmiro says:

Funk no music

Niecoz Roblox says:

Lel, I had it muted xD

Jixyn _Does_PvP says:

Oh no the Nyan cat song.. Dx
Now it's stuck on my head…. Dx

Adelqui Atkinson Sk8 says:

Fuck music D:

Zakiya Johnson says:

Fuck that song

Jammerrocks7 AJ says:

Pinoy ka rin angelogeant? Pinoy rin kasi ako e'

ghagsdfnaiut asdkflsh says:

ooh… this music… nyan cat….

angelogeant gaviola says:

ang laki nang picture paano e pa resize

jha gautina says:

san nyo po yn gnagawa nung website po??

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