Anime wolves- Listen to your heart ~~ slow sad song

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Pictures by Skailla, Song by DHT. Thank you for subscribing!! Btw plz read the description and comment IRTDANYPAGTBC. (I read the description and now you people are going to be confused…) Thank you!! :3


Servant of God says:


Jason Oatman says:

Feral four legged furrys.

angelina aguilar says:

So cool!!😺😺

GummiLynx says:

Isn’t this just a bunch of Skalia’s artwork?

Selina Nguyen says:

i LOVE wolf

Alazaih Lerma says:

I agree with you😭😭😭😭😭😭

Alazaih Lerma says:

I love wolfs🐾🐾🐾🐾

wolfslayer foxhunter1316 says:

My friend said that my crush hated me in a way… i ben deprest ever since…😣😔😢

Flamed Wolves134 says:

I'm sorry ur best friend cheated on u…… 😞😞….. And I LOVE anima wolves there my favorite!!!!!!!!!

Zira 3706 says:

Imagine seeing a wolf in real life crying and then you cry too

Wolf Hacker66 says:

I love this

Wolf Star says:

My boyfriend listened to his heart when i fell to my knees he asked me out love ya william

Matt Mantz says:

I love this song!🙂, my friend is mean to me any way. But, I don't care, her name is Levi.

Maj May says:

I like the is much I'm 9 so you see that rit

Michelle Hart says:

Poor Tan Tan I loved her but now she's gone I just wanted to be free,free from my worst emeny Tan Tan was abused by her first owner and she was blind but only could see shadows and I feel like I'm going crazy…😪🤧

kid drago 726 says:

I hunt so at 0:26 I went Bang bang … I'm evil☹

maxx hema says:

best gos with this video

maxx hema says:

best song ever made love it

The Warrior Wolf says:

Hey person
Can i have a like
If not give me a life

furrylover 101 says:

awsome video

furrylover 101 says:

i cant i just cant listen to this

star knight says:

Im touched by this

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