ATTACK ON TITAN Movie Clip – Titans Attack (2015) Shinji Higuchi Action Horror HD

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“ATTACK ON TITAN” Movie Clip – Titans Attack (2015) Shinji Higuchi Action Horror HD

In a world where giant humanoid Titans prey on humans, Eren joins the scouting legion to get revenge on the monsters who killed everyone in his town.

Stars: Haruma Miura, Kiko Mizuhara, Kanata Hongô


rouwleigh alfaro says:

😨😨😨this is not in negros is at Japan I'm at negros you will died

Addected_to_youtube says:

thanks i hate it

Suherman Sueb says:

Damn dogshit! Vatality content like mortal kombat!

AuroraRecords ;3 says:


White Pride World Wide says:

literal garbage, the show was fucking awesome though

Shelly Dee says:

>female titans
>kid titans
>nipples on titans
It's 2017 and I still can't over how they fucked this movie up

Draw BFFs says:

1:04 😱AAAAAAAAAHH!!! jumps out of da window and runs 1000 miles away

karen Ackerman says:

I just peed myse😨😨😱

Hassan Firouzjahi says:

that gay is as scary as f

Mia Thao says:

The movie is a lot scarier than thought

MattPlayz Roblox says:

Why are the creators accomplishing?besides the money…

J Yoneda says:

1:05 I can't stop laughing at the RETARDED TITAN face

PCBuilderJay says:

bring on gipsy danger

Unknown Mangondato says:

If those babys are 88m flaknguns it would be a massacere

BrianThe 3 says:

Titan vs Titan

Helix says:

0:27 How it feels like to chew 5 gum.

DarkEnlighter says:

Clash of clans the giants attack

Naruto Fan Games says:

Thais moveu os so good

The Bool Aid man says:

1:03 when you nut be she still suckin

Mohee Deen says:

بتسدكو عنجد ههههههههه

Andi Tarigan says:

ini film apa dan tentang apa?

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