blackbear – girls like u [drink bleach ep]

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blackbear – girls like u [drink bleach ep] is a brand new song from the incredible project that just dropped on bear’s soundcloud. Enjoy!

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smhtae says:

I thought it said Girls like you should drink bleach and I was about to be like DAAAMMNN then I realized I read it wrong 😂

Cian Lancaster says:

Drink bleach EP is one of the best titles ive seen for a album/ep

Timothy G says:

this song just sinks into ya' heart

Adi Elkarat says:


Macaria says:

J'aime le beat

Anxíetea says:

I really like this

Duct tape gaming says:

This is a really fucking good song

Jason Tautala says:

When you thought this was a drug

Get it 😛

daffasudiana says:

i wish i discovered this earlier

carol bell says:

blackbear is the worse thing that's ever happened. Wrecked my life!

I dictated this with my VOICE using LilySpeech!

were just cousins says:

OMG luv this song sooooo muchh

maria del mar ibañez gomez says:

what kind of twisted game is my translator playing with me??!! i´ve open this video so many times before and its the first time it shows in spanish, it got me so confused. ugh how do i turn it off?!!

The GeNeSiS says:

2 Bearoxes pls !

Kate North says:

this song its crazy amazing

Saji says:

who hurt him so bad?

RedRøses2020 says:

Swear to god,
I will watch this a million times for you.

Liz Maxie says:

Honestly i prefer verbatim

Ashleigh Standley says:

and I give u a like<3

Ashleigh Standley says:

pls like if u agree

Burcu Akbolat says:

The original is so better

Clorox Bleach says:

Please don't drink me

Flowers says:

50% of why I'm here is cause BlackBear the other 50% is the bleach….

Tyler Eastburn says:

Music for wrist cutting 😀 this is like lil peep except 10× whiter and 100× shittier

Mrs Bitch says:

This song makes me feel some type of way. No lie.

Mrs Bitch says:

I am in love with you, your music, your style, your lyrics, your voice. Like I know if I met you in real life…boooooyyyy!!

Brice Whelan says:

Who’s can’t stop listening in 2017?

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