Boku no Pico: Episode 3

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Aquatic Sniper 26 says:

I hate life

FireBronzy ZX says:

Poor bleach on eyes and burns him alive and puts dead dog on mouth me:im still freaking alive

FireBronzy ZX says:

Where's the gun 😭🔫 boom I'm still alive f$5@5$6@/6'9@

Manners Macayana says:

How old are they chil porn vomiting

How bout Gruvia eh? says:

If they had huge titties and boobs this show may actually be good

Christian DeLand says:

who else came here because of the dont watch boku no picu review meme

Honda CR-X says:

pico ist cool

Kim Yang Ariam says:


Huyua aiasd says:

It's a trap don't fap to it!!!!!!!!

Sinthetic Swine says:

When you ask your friend if you can use the aux cord

Divine Sins Of Who I Am says:

I am speechless

soul eater says:

See this is what every anime need because the censored thing is bull shit

Alan Baune says:

Man this shit ain't right

black chang says:

Que porra e esta

#Justanormalperson Briar says:

gets holy water and bleach

Spectre says:

Child porn?

Soul HaveNoName says:

thats what happen when you dont Jesus enough

wolf_madness 27 says:

Yoooooooo what the fuck

Alun Evans says:

I don't have any problem if people are gay but this is to far

Madeline Burchik says:

Why….KILL ME NO! Give me da bleach!

salsa bila says:

warning u neet tisaue

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