Code Geass R2 textless Opening 2 Worlds End (RAW) HD

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Kusuma Aeron says:

Lelouch is the dope-st anime character I've ever seen! 11/10 for Code Geass and I can't wait for season 3!


I love this op! yes it is LADY

Lelouch Vi Britannia says:

Season 3 is coming on November 27th guys!! Finally pizza hut is back xD

İlker Yalçıner says:

Transitions, that look of the C.C., guitar solo at the end… This is the best opening video of Code Geass.

Sabeer V says:

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sinai santos says:

Best opening

Mr. Unholy says:

Anyone wanna cry everytime they hear this song?

Oliver Lee says:


R E J O I C E . . . . ! ! !

Gordon Freeman says:


もり もり says:


Miguel987Prz252 says:

Floooooow 😍

Lelouch Lamperouge says:

Anyone call me?

조현승 says:


Drelas says:

Who's excited for R3???

Parth Tiku says:

Lelouch is coming back!!!!!
All hail lelouch!!!

Asim Yadav says:

Who finds Suzaku awesome?

Nick Voutsadakis says:

Lelouch raising his hand upwards makes me cry. man what a great anime

howl8886 says:

If only the show had actually been as good as the opening suggested…

Great Apollo says:

DAmn this brings back my child hood memories 🙁

Michel ChandraB says:

wait, can I know which nationality song country is this?

Hilario Sylva says:

Donne envie de reprendre pour la 50 ème fois 😂😂😂

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