Code MENT Episode 1 – Purple Eyes

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This is the official first Code MENT episode! HOORAY!



Songs (in order of appearance):

– End Title [From Star Wars Episode VI]
By: John Williams

– When I Grow Up
By: The Pussycat Dolls

– Code Geass OST

– Just Dropped In
By: Kenny Rogers

– Won’t Get Fooled Again
By: The Who

– You Spin Me Round
By: Dead or Alive

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irish ツ says:

you all wish you were me

The Dapper Egg says:

Faggot. In a good way.

TheAssasingGR says:

CSI yea yea miami kill them selfs i am dead

Da Greatest Couch Potato says:

what do you think of csi…….


ReaLife HD says:

1:27 If you listen to his first words quickly, he says "Weiner".

Demonslayer _ says:

This has 2.2 mil views I’m probably 100 thousand of those on each vid. I watch
This a lot

Ruben Rada says:

No you Fools you might hit Charlie Sheen


YeBoiSoul says:

Who came from the Brawl Forums?

Epsilon 956 says:

Well, it looks they just couldn't handle… my +PurpleEyes

TopAnimeLoverEver says:

I showed that last part to someone and they didn't think the last part was funny because they liked CSI Miami. xD They actually got mad and said "that isn't funny. That was a good show." Some people can't take a joke.

mradam 4life says:

If this comment get 10 likes I'll post a bad or funny joke

Zachary Hartsel says:

0:28 what I thought

Amanda Clark says:


Bloodfire Film says:

Thanks for the subtitles, great to see more abridge channels starting to provide those.

Gamederps Sonny - Vlogs, Skits, & More says:

Question: Is this made by you or just anime revoiced by you?

KayBot says:

why does everybody use the roblox sword sound effect

Kefka Palazzo says:

… Why the fuck is Kallen, Micky Mouse?! xD

Notxius Godspeed says:

you could at least mention littlekuriboh (yugioh abridged) for starting the whole abridged format

ReaLife HD says:

Best intro ever.

Sterling Muse says:

Lmao… The credits think it can't get weirder from here.
Foolish credits. You underestimate your creator. This isn't even weird by the 10th episode, and we're on episode 17 at the moment.

Seppen Obushidian says:

I can tell I'm gonna enjoy this series

AndreaMetal Flute says:

You might hit Charlie Sheen! * Shoots even more *

YouTube I Tried says:

They just couldn't handle… my purple eyes

YouTube I Tried says:

Hey look no hands

Darth Imperius says:

That KOTOR music though.

Sam Mitch says:

this is fucking hilarious.

Soulreaper Katsuki says:

KEYS!!!!! XD

Rhyperior Ranger says:

Code Ment! It's just like Yugioh Abridged, only better.

Person Someone says:

Why do you think of csi .
Preaty good show

ldmnint says:

хули где русский

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