Cowboy Bebop – Call me Call me

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Cowboy Bebop OST
Song: Call me, call me by Steve Conte (BANDAI_Co_Ltd BANDAI_Co_Ltd)


Dave Dean says:

Can anyone tell me what verve album I can find this song on.

Pepsimaru says:

Best amv of all time

Joliver says:

This song has such a strong effect when Ed leaves, she finally found what she was looking for and whilst I was sad to see her leave I was so happy she found her father.
I'm a person who's made several wrong decisions in life that has led me to lose contact with a person I cared very deeply about, I haven't spoken to her in so long. This song really resonates with me because of that. I wish I could have a reunion because its been so many years..
Hannah if you're reading this, call me ;(

Joshua Strickland says:

A good time than any for a feels trip.

Loominarty says:

Hard boiled eggs anyone?

Its Not Joke says:

I'm fucking sad. Especially for Faye, and for Ed. Faye doesn't know her past that well, and she left. And then I just wonder what Ed feels during all this.

Ignit Wacom says:

By Yoko Kanno*, not Steve Conte! Thanks for uploading this, though

heathenbreathinfire says:

Greatest Show ever created in the history of mankind.

Sebastian Giordano says:

I'm just happy I got to live and watch this on it's time… altought I was younger and didn't get the subtleties at that time…the story did leave a mark on my mind…and as of today I still linger those moments when anime was this… epic, so fantastic yet so real… I'm gonna miss those days…

SeBu says:


I am right now rewachting this moment in tv, Ed and Ein leaving the crew … its freakin sad but also a bit nice to see Ed going her own way. The only reason I am writing this is you guys understand how I feel …

Unconscious says:

Guys… I… I just delete my 720p of Cowboy Bebop to clear my drive D for porns.
I…I'm so sorry. I need to repent on my sin. sobs

The snob! says:

see you space cowboy

Belial # says:

I have never watched this anime before. Is it really worth to watch?

Velobop says:

see you space cowboy.


Makes me sad and happy at the same time…

noven latigo says:

Cowboy bebop best anime in space

Lelouch vi Britannia says:

Great song, stuck in my head

Melissa Beth says:


William Ricciardulli says:

Que temazo se me eriza la piel cada vez que lo escucho :c

Isaac says:

dont watch this clip if you havent finished the series yet

Gabriel Tan says:

Somehow I prefer this anime, black lagoon, the old berserk, trigun(well, you can tell by my profile picture), gun x sword, gurren lagann, might gaine, there's many more of these old anime that are WAY better then new anime where it's just "PLOT" and some fanservice here and there and not much real plot

Alexzandra long says:

Still love this…

Olivier Mosimann says:

My favourite song in the superb Cowboy Bebop animated Manga series, which is full of them 😙

yoshisbro08 says:

losing my brother this makes me cry every time. i wound not wish this on my worst enemy

ciachofil says:

The best anime shows are those that leaves some cases hidden and unrevaled.That is most magical, nostalgical though :PJust a story about some peoples adventures togheter but everyone must go their own paths aswell even it means to split sometimes.Every end means new beggining aswell

Toma Deluc says:

We gonna carry that weight.

Evelyn Martinez says:

I have never seen this anime and a boy just dedicated this song to me, what does that mean?! Pls heeelp!

Jotaro Kujo says:

Spike spiegel is so cool

brian Gonzalez says:

El mejor personaje historia soutrack

이성훈 says:

졸 좋은데 왜 안유명하지 ㅠㅠ

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