Cute Anime Girl Crusade – Super Mario Maker

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That person knows what I like.



Snaggy Dragon says:

7:00 At that time, he knew, he fucked up.

Xys d says:

I wish there was more bayoneta you could play

Mountain Chicken! says:

I would make the trip

Cat Lover says:

ayyy, if it's yan-sim this could be cool

LeNimph says:

It sounds like my sort of game tbh

ռǟʀʊȶօ - ӄʊռ says:

Yandere Simulator?

redhandsbluefaces says:

PixxelTrixx that's not a slash that's a parenthesis!!!!! Slash = / Parenthesis = (

The grammar police has spoken.

redhandsbluefaces says:


Positive Vibes says:

PixxelTrixx is gonna jump on the bandwagon and play Yandere Simulator :/
lol jk
I would like to see that actually

YumePunk says:

i comment as i watch through the video it makes me feel like im having a conversation but dude the NX is going to have ports of
Smash 4
Mario Maker
and Wind Waker HD

its also backwards compatible with the wii u so smash 5 will come out whenever nintendo makes another console after the nx

YumePunk says:

also that anime girl game was it called tsundere simulator ?

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