– Death Note OST I – Light’s Theme 03

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This song is Kira Theme
this is Light theme:
Light lights up light for piano(Song before the death of L):
Low of solipsism:
L´s theme:
Misa no Uta


Orochimaru hokage says:

Try to kill me.

jacob nagler says:

There was a thought that the guitar represents light and the piano represents L.

D. Daniel 大捏了 如覅南欧 says:

Essa OST é marcante !

Kaydin Nixon says:

If you'd be so kind as to post the link of that image of near holding light's head it would be greatly appreciated…..

Crazy Vip3r says:

I never watched this anime bcuz i thought it would be too complicated but by the reviews im looking forward to watching this

wandering warrior says:

The character developemnt in this show was just great. Not like the 90% anime out there where the MC is too OP for anybody to handle. Light made mistakes early but learned from them and made much better strategies and plans that's what was satisfying to watch.

Humaid sanji says:

Shit man I should watch it again!

EDICION KOOL Itzel says:

Simplemente lo ame <3

LoyalHawk says:

So fitting <3

Asre Salim says:

2:42 Best part starts here. Thank me later.


ilove that song

Ahsan Shah says:

I dunno but whenever i listen to this i start to cry

brb Z says:

best anime ever and best mc too I don't think I will watch another anime as good as this in my life time

• Drama Queen • says:

Light <3

Ramroma Ackerman says:

yagami backward: imagay=im a gay

Asre Salim says:

0:58 Love this part so much. Epicness overloaded.

Ramim Ahbab Shabab says:

This track is heavenly😍😍😍

jesus alberto says:

Hmm al ver a light me impresiona su ideal era bueno pero creo que un poco imposible , al final de todo el era tambien un asesino el poder de la death note lo corrompio hasta el punto de querer ser un dios pero bueno termino de una manera muy triste

TheLivelyLlama says:

Spoilers ahead

Light could've won so easily. If he took another piece of paper and hid it in his shoe or something, he could've ran off and killed everybody…and this is coming from a L fan.

Reyan Khan says:

When you are planning something evil with a smile 😈

Galactoquendo says:

Inteligence grade:

Light Yagami: 77%
L: 77%
Near: 50%
Mello: 50%
Kira: 100%

Mayank Bakna says:

Play this when I die.

Desean Smith says:

This shit sounds so similar to silent hills theme song

Arlene the Shotgun says:

Target audience

Чтo Яapтоя шп says:

Jajajajajjajajajajjaajjajajajjajajajjajajajjajajaj me wncanta esta cancion xd

Taivanbat Hurelbaatar says:

near is very lucky

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