Fairy Tail | Natsu Dragneel – 1/7 Scale Figure PVC by Good Smile Company

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The time has finally come. I got the Salamander and I’m definitely loving this figure! GSC did a great job with depicting Natsu in this figure and I can’t wait for Erza’s! Check out my review on Natsu and let me know what you think below!


MrRedheat123 says:

Damn that's a dope figure

Siny says:

You can buy this figure on AliExpress for 16 $

Lulu The Demon says:

me:wow nastu has a scare…
lily: n-nastu is s-so…..@/////////@
yukki:lily? lily?! LILY DONT DIE ON MEH T^T
lily: s-so hot….@//////////@
yukki: -_- face palms

Underfell Sans says:

were did u get natzu

GabrielleDreams says:

he looks orange.

GabrielleDreams says:

hes not that tan…

phuong vo says:

wow l very like this toy

natsuta dragneel says:


Le mec des jeux video Meilleur says:

Moi je suis content car j'ai commandé cette figurine

Richard Waldon says:

fairy tail is awsome!

Richard Waldon says:

fairy tail is awsome!

Nova Jamaa says:

I have the main 4 ;3 their on ebay for 35$

Paximus Prime says:

What's that intro music called

Dark Wolf says:

where can I order myself one??

Mecha.D Luffy,australia says:

can it move??

Ki J says:

Natsu is a awesome character and my favorite dragon slayer next to Geejy (don't think I spelled the name right the iorn dragon slayer ) but my favorite exseed is panther lily not happy idk why he is my second favorite carla is 3rd favorite

jorge pineda says:

natsu is damn hot if u know what i mean

Wahl Icht says:

luckily i have Lucy and Gray. And now, I do not know where to find Natsu. He is too expensive oh god

huren077 says:

i need an action figure of natsu

Morgan Bull says:

I ordered erza and natsu

Entei Collects says:

I just got Lucy, now the search for Natsu and Gray :<

Joshua Mari De Ocampo says:

Where can I buy this?

Ted Limber says:

just got mine in

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