Funny Anime Scenes Vol.4

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Anime Present :
Sakamoto Desu Ka?
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
Shinmai Maou No Testament Burst

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Free Video Resources for the lower third.
Official Designs for outro.

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meme-sama! says:

Why always Gintama

George Lor says:

wired anime bro

Death 156444 says:

4:50 where can I find the ova

Reign Richie says:

Im the 200 comment

Saif Fahri says:

LG gan yg LBH seru

Ayu Sri Sri Ayu says:

Sakamoto desu ga i love it!!!

Rasenk 89 says:

Kok gak jelas banget si……………ha ha ha

Dinesh Singh says:

What the fucker man

WereWolf Vamp Gaming says:

Omg that last one… What the anime show called on the last one?btw the beginning of the first one the music sounded like World six-lvl 5

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