How to Draw a Chibi: Surprised

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Miriam Rivero says:

Best chibi tutorial I’ve ever seen

bj ashby says:

if i only draw chibi do i still draw anime?

Leticia Silva says:

Oi sou do Brasil e amei o canal

Sajad Albadran says:

انه مفيد ورائع جدا وشكرا

I Main blitz says:

How am I gonna draw this

Marlen Miranda says:

My drawing was good

sans the human says:

watches my first markcrilley vid
2 mins later

queen lovley1000 says:

Omgomgomgomgomg your book is amazing i enjoy getting a cramp in my hand drawing anime! :0

Quay says:

mine needs some work but its alright

محمد معتمد says:

تلههههنممنةتىافؤيسءئثوكنطكنعههههﻻازىك ههتىةنةلهختةتتتفسشىﻻةى بللسئشصفمنىتاوة ىﻻؤءئقتتبىبصيلب بيبيسسشببى يبيؤشبننههههههفلثلل098ببيﻻييىليىىبيبىيسسص

Touchable Gamingss says:

Helpfull channel..

The Alien 948212 says:

3:21 – "Triangularish".

DeathDefyingLamb 03 says:

Do u have a Instagram?

Henri Tripp says:

This helped! Thanks mate!

El_Soufia says:

why i can't draw but i want to 😢

J Hallström says:

you are soooooooooooooooooo good at drawing

Angie Melendez says:

Hola yo abro español pero de todas formas vi el video

i du says:

thank you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥is so good

Animex Nightcore says:

You are my inspiration you helped me practice the art of chibi style and made it easy for me to draw thank you Sensei markcrilley

EggplantDolan says:

You're better than yard teacher!

EggplantDolan says:

this was explained so well I got A on my expression homework!

Mofy Minnie says:


Decyro says:

I made this up but havent completed it

On the first day of drawing mark crilley gave to me…A chibi thats also angry
On the second day of drawing mark crilley gave to me….2 kiritos and a chibi thats also angry!!!!

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