How to Draw A Chibi

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Anime Donutsaur says:

so… I got my pencil ready and looked at the screen….


Lizzie The Neko says:

Youtuber: Im going to show you how to draw a CHIBI
Me: bursts out laughing

EDIT: not making fun of her

Lina Grant says:

can u teach us how to d it step by step instead of rambling so we can make the chibi and teach us how to MAKE the BODY

Emma Chan says:

How thick is your mechanical pen ??

Watermelon Dwarfs says:

Me: Maybe I should try to draw it this way
After trying: I am incredible, I messed this up😐

LilEmoQueen says:

YouTuber: That's it!
Me:*Gets paper and draws*
Me:it looks like Squidward..

Kawaii/ /Katt234 says:

Omg thank u sooooo much Nautica for this video I always wanted to know how to draw chibis! I always practiced my self but now that I've found this video I now how to draw chibis! and its all thanks to u!! Thank u so so much!❤

Lord Barracuda says:

Wtf u didnt show the hair eyes and body this is a tutorial

lan nguyen says:

30x times harder than expected

madara uchiha says:

What pencil…

AnieLes says:

Thanks a lot it really helped me!
just one recommendation: you should try planning what you're going to say because you seemed to have trouble talking and som things didn't quite had sense but I liked the video a lot

Verse_Playzz Verse Clan says:

Single or nah

Cheryl Playz says:

what oencill is that

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