My Anime Waifu Pillow has COME ALIVE!? (It Actually Talks Back)

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Not like this… not like this…

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Katyusha says:

When I bought my M1 Abrams body pillow, I was a bit scared. Not only was it taboo to like anime, [redacted] your pillow-waifu, and be unashamed to do so in public, but it was also a great taboo to be a freshman who does so, not to mention the taboos on interspecial relations, making anime versions of tanks, AND [redacted] to history. A year later, I have now made the great transformation most usually apparent in the butterfly: That is, I have bloomed from my ugly cocoon into an unbashful spreader of 200 tonne American engineering. Now whenever I take my Panzerwaifus around, I will find normies ask if they can be of assistance in the process of pleasuring a Panzerwaifu. For the men I let them take turns inserting their [redacted] into the exhaust pipes, for the women I let them use the barrel as a [redacted]. My heart goes out to all my brothers and sisters of the Freely Anonymous Pillow Buyers' Organization of the Yukon Suburbs, or F.A.P.B.O.Y.S. If anyone is in need of body pillow counselling you may reach me at [redacted]

Samui Red says:

Quality Content.

Марк Стивен says:

Omg… That soooo shaaaaameeeee ncosnakbsbwoaoxnwkwh!!!!

BraveXBlaziken says:

Wait,who dat waifu even,y do i think its lillie

BraveXBlaziken says:

He looks like filthy frank

Kenneth Hiroshi Wijanarko says:

The fuck did i just watch?

JustafanaticMikufan says:

I need that pillow…….But with miku's face………..
(60 minute's later)

careless whispers begin playing

gabe juhasz says:

what if they made one of these but body shaped rather than tube shaped. and with over 1000 sensors in different places with 1000s of different things it can say?

jonathan wilson says:

I knew they talked i knew i wasnt crazy

EuroBeat says:

maximum cringe

Daniel Dvořáček says:

Guys? Where is my knife for suicides?

Sylok, the Defiled says:

Watched the video with Joey. I guess he got the love parameter low already.

MegaNerd says:

Can someone help me set this up?

LucarioDude281 says:

I feel bad for rui having to record all of this

AmyxAmy says:

You're so hyped up on a body pillow? Am I the only non weeb here? I wish I wasn't born in this planet.

Texas Engineer says:

Will IT in reality mean you are a

Pedofille 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

HammerHead says:


Random Fangirl says:


Anthrodynia says:

The Cancer 😐

Max that thing says:

3:46 waiting for my gurl to shut the fuck up i know how ya feel noble

HackeD by Team Ourmine says:

i was watching pewdiepie how the fuck i get in there

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