[Part 2/ 40] Anime Character 3D Modeling Tutorial II – Basemesh

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This video is the 2nd part of 40 in this very detailed tutorial series about modeling. I’ll take you through all the steps of anime style character creation in the 3d software called ‘Blender’ and without any time lapse.

If you haven’t watched it already make sure to go through part 0! In that video I’ll show you the final result and tell you all about the modifications I did with my version of Blender. Also you’ll find the references in the description of that video.

By the way, the character design was made by the creators of Sword Art Online and all credit goes to them. I’m using it as an example to teach how to work with ‘real’ characters as you’d find them in any animation.

Thanks for watching!


Hardwood Classick says:

I have a question i been practicing at this,But how did you get the wireframes with less lines?

Alice Anarchy says:

Lol. You did that thing with the arms so fast.
But literally, When I did alt+shift+s it made the base of the arm like 4 times the size, and then pressing 1 just made it bigger. So I have bat wings on my body.

Alice Anarchy says:

So, you should have explained how to get rid of the knife tool, once again you're not explaining things and assuming people should know them… Thank to Shin right here who said that you gotta use the space bar.

Clare Sharia says:

May I ask for help on my KH3 Sora Modeling? xD

theWolfWizard 64 says:

out of all the methods I have seen I like this one the best. just ad a subdivision modifier and use loop tools. you have to turn loop tools on in the user preferences

Adam Ellenburg says:

Background Images> Si 10.500. Just adjust one of the background images.

Manju 247 says:

How to the mirror ?

dragon slayer says:

my knife tool won't make the cut from the point pls help

Isabella Brooks says:

Why can't you take the time to explain things step by step? You just rush through as fast as you can and expect us to somehow catch on just by watching you. I've spent all day long trying to figure this out (Started at 8 AM and now it's 5 PM) and I'm still only on part 2 and still struggling!!!

Glitched Beats says:

how do I zoom in like that

Billy ThePuppet says:

Thank You so much for this tutorial, it helps so much!

Oskar says:

Hi Daniel, hab ein Probelm: und zwar wenn ich versuche die arme zu bearbeiten (ca bei 04:28 ) ist der Arm scheinbar in zwei Hälften geteilt…

Hemoplauger says:

A lot of the times when I try using Ctrl+R My line goes like all over my fucking object.

Alberto Belo says:

thanks bro! Nice Work

Gamer Button says:

I`m having problems with the neck, every time I press extrude it the hole doesn't get bigger it turns into some crazy shape

Sw0rd Penc1l says:

SAO is bad anime

ancient child says:

yet created some figures, but learned new techniques in this vid, thank you 🙂

MrMendel12 says:

Awesome tutorial, having trouble keeping up but that's mostly because I'm a complete noob to Blender.

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