Pregnant Anime Girl Gives Birth from the TV Show Gosick

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kyo kagami says:

What anime is this?😑

Savage Squid says:

What the hell did I just watch

Noodle Doodle :3 says:

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Arielle Ford says:

Is that real blood

Myracle Woodford says:

Cute baby tho😛💓🍼

Myracle Woodford says:

The chains are making it worse😢😑😐

камила Абдуллаев камила says:

Алё русские? Что за аниме?

Desiree Villanueva says:

What is going on this does not seem good for children why can't these kind of stuff stay in Japan or China Tokyo whatever

Nina Smith says:

Here's link to a anime show that has interesting pregnant scene >

Nadav Paskal says:

Like it but you should make it longer

바이올렛 says:

ㅁㅊ… 우우 불쌍

Mystic Clover says:

Fuck that Marquis guy. Glad that he ****.

Mystic Clover says:

The most disturbing thing of the whole entire Gosick series is that this woman was R A P E D.

Oli Rose says:

wtf is this weaboo shit

TheWeirdRandomizer 01 says:

what is this an anime series or not?

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