Skyrim Mod Review 11 – Island Get-A-Way and Kawaii Anime Cat Girl – Series: Boobs and Lubes

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Hello you sexy beast. Welcome to another episode of Skyrim Mods Boobs and Lubes. My sexy, skyrim wife followers and I is going on a vacation! We made a wish we never should have made on this vacation… be careful what you wish for. MEOW.

Don’t forget to bang that like button good.. really good. Stay sexy my friends.

Skyrim Mods Featured In Order:
Serene Shores Worldspace and Player Home

Layer Bikini – UNP and CBBE

Skygazer – HD 2K Constellations (with nebulae)

Spearhead Catsuit – CBBEv3 Curvy NSFW

Calyps Animal Ears – cat wolf fox cow – Craftable headwear

Khajiit Lion et Lioness

RS Children Overhaul

Wa Ribbon

Songs Used In Order:
Girls und panzer ost Panzer Vor

Neon Genesis Evangelion OST 1 – Misato

Doom OST – E1M2 – The Imps Song

C&C Tiberian Sun music (Mad Rap)

EoSD Stage 3 Boss – Hong Meiling’s Theme – Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17

Starcraft Terran Theme 3

Doom OST – E2M1 – I Sawed the Demons

[Blade & Soul] Original Soundtrack – The Story – Track 10 Cheerful Festival

C&C Tiberian Sun music (Lone Trooper)

【東方/ TOUHOU】 Bad Apple!! Violin 【ヴァイオリン弾いてみた】


José Lema Cruz says:

"fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap" (One handed has increased to 46)

Altai Inuit says:

hmm starrcraft background music, classic!

TrexJamez says:

Serene what? Serene sores Facepalm all the way down to africa.

Crazy Rabbit says:

is disgusting how this games sexualize women s
why they dont put virtual male figures with flying dicks ? ……….this would be more funny ……………….

Operator Exe says:

mfw you play E1M2 to a bikini pan shot

Kinami says:

What pose mod did you use for the bikinis?

.: Werewolfgirl19 :. says:

hears the song bad apple playing 10/10 best video ever!!!

KatEternity 2 says:

That one home mod is just another copy of Jorvasker(?). Would've been better if it was a completely tropical style /island style home. Now that's something I would LOVE to see! Nice mod review Vattiwah. If I had the equipment, I would also review mods!

I also wanted to thank you for posting this! I want my character Kyra to look like one sexy hot mama while she's adventuring!

SethiKinsGaming says:


Cen Jake says:

How do you get your girl to walk like that? Link to the mod plz…

gedobon manga says:

literally…, what the fuck??

TrollingWolf says:

I wish that someone would make a proper anime catgirl style mod, possibly just rip the appendages and put them on a human race. A Fallout 4 equivalent would be nifty as well. but the audience isn't quite there.

rares Pappet says:

man what's your graphic mode?

Jack TimberWolf says:

vatiwa I have a big question what's tbe mod where you get those ears and tail

Gio Marzan says:

quick question. I've been looking for the women rework mod I like.. what do you use?

Spencer MacDougall says:

the island mod is gone so what is in the chest +VatiWah

666emsa says:

HI VatiWah, great Vids, always makes me laugh. One request:  I NEED SereneShores, but it`s gone from Nexus. Any help where to find now??

BeigomaStudios053 says:

what anime is the music from at the beginning of the video

blackrack2008 says:

This modding community is sick and retarded

Jose Vazquez says:

Where. Did. You. Get. That. Game

shadowstarthe1st says:

why did you use star craft soundtrack

Syame Exa says:

lol doom soundtrack..

Echo Grave says:

i want those poses how do i get those

CHRONicle Gamer says:

that player home is a rip off of jorrvaskr

Tariq Abulaila says:

+VatiWah, I want my game to look exactly like yours. I have tried ENBs several times, but I'm about to start completely over. Nothing I've tried ends up looking as crisp as yours. Can you tell me which mods (and order) you installed? I realize this must be a long list, but it would really help. I'm just referring to the graphics and overhaul mods you've used.
I'd really appreciate it. I get super into this modding thing and spend hours optimizing before even playing the game.

Playing Metal says:

name of that mod that show the girls touching their asses???

Tanyami says:

Well, it's a ugly island with Jorrvaskr on it…

It's AWESOME!!!!!! (^o^)/ :3

shuhaib thawoos says:

Hahaha watching your video and reading your comments make my day. you sound more decent than you pretend to not be

Roland Mcfarlane says:


Crystal Stoian says:

What do you use to record???

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