Summer 2017 Anime in a Nutshell

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What’s this? It’s over halfway through the season already? Don’t be silly, this video isn’t late at all!

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Anime Mentioned:
A Centaur’s Life
Hajime no gal
New Game!!
Welcome to the Ballroom
Netsuzou TRap NTR
Restaurant to Another World
Knights and magic
In Another World with my Smartphone
Made in Abyss
Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu
Aho girl
My Hero Academia S2

Edited by: Bakashift

End Card Design by: Sooin Chung
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Hedrel Leon
Sam Wu
Lee Watts
Patrick Madsen
Jared Cattell
gigguk (whoever took this name)
Vincent Mooney


Andrew Mcnee says:

most animes this past season have been total shit

Very Naughty says:

4:33 Ok, but a hole is still a hole

Chuck says:

Astolfo is a boy/?!?!? WTF

Arthur Tam says:

you are missing mahoujin guru guru 2017

Chalk Teacher says:

"straight up blazblue"
– shows guilty gear xrd

Asami Kyo says:

'Tesco value Prison School cast," that line killed me 😂

F.B.I says:

#traps are not gay their homosexual

Xanitrit Zeo says:

In case anyone is mistaken, Made in Abyss is ANYTHING but a fluffy show about a girl and a robot adventuring into the unknown. The show's basically about the girl and robot trying to find the girl's mother, a one-way ticket to hel-I mean the Abyss, blood gushing out of eyes, mouth and ears, WHAT DAFUQ IS THAT THING??!, WHAT DAFUQ IS THAT FACE?!!, a furry, and laser cannons.

Kitkat Emm says:

Hey hey i have a great concept. How about a fantasy anime with a sub THEME of isekai however in this case the isekai isn't an average person being teleported to another world, no no, the series itself takes place in this fantasy world, everyone is from this fantasy world, HOWEVER the world itself had a calamity that created a rift of sorts allowing random people and, objects, specifically technology focused items, to randomly appear in the world. the series would follow a team of researchers focused on exploring areas of the world that have these random teleportation moments happen, finding and helping people get back to their own world, and adopting the technology they find along the way to evolve their own worlds society. The people who randomly find themselves in this fantasy world are not the center of attention nor are they ever the main part of the cast and in fact they are treated more like clients you would find asking for help from their highschool help club kinda group like in My Teen RomCom Snafu. Every event, every character that is the main cast will always be from the fantasy world itself and the plot itself could either be something as simple as Kino's Journey where it's episodic and thus never really going anywhere but fun to watch, or have an overarching "we must find the cause of this and stop these events from happening at some point with some evil mastermind" plot.

worldmasher 123 says:

Hajimete no gal is so cringy i ended up weirdly liking it.

Edward Mass says:

And how the hell does a centaur put on pants?

Edward Mass says:

Kakeguiri seems very intense for a show about gambling. See what I did there? I'll stop.

hammer head says:

Girlfriend is a gal dub is great

Jōjirō Takajō says:

In another world with my smartphone
That guy
He's a fucking genius

ChickenPika says:

"Why is it not called New Game +?"
God, thank you. I didn't even watch the show and that still annoyed me.

Shiranui Rake says:

4months later.. still waiting for the time skip arc

Toxo says:

I want to flag this video for being too good (Made in Abyss and My Hero Academia)

DSacredPhoenix Gaming says:

Gamers? More like misunderstanding f*** fest but ok.

morrius07 says:

Hajimete no Gal is A LOT better in english, the english cast went full ham on it and made it laugh out loud hilarious!

Freezertor says:

Im officially triggered as a new game fan. But damn New Game+, that caught me off guard 😀

ɾίtα † says:

Call it new game DLC, amirite ??

JR Reviews says:

Am I the only one who noticed he played a snippet of “Extraordinary” by Childish Gambino near the end

Josh Selvage says:

Don't stick your d*** in crazy…F*** that guy~ Gikkuk 2017

Aneita Torres says:

Your questions for Centaur Life are all answered in the Manga(except for the mermaid bikinis; that's stupid)

jose hernandez says:

That's Guilty Gear you fucking idiot

Cody Sewell says:

"and its just straight up yuri"
me: wait what! why havent i watched this yet

クッキーオレオ says:

I love the occasional league references lmao

Stefanos7 says:

this guy is killing me

that one kid in school who eats glue says:

Was he useing a steam controller for Cs;go on a ps4 witch is not on ps4?

Boii CoBrA says:

just so you know isekai wa smartphone to tomo mi came out ages ago.

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