Top 10 Anime Anti-Heroes

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They pledge allegiance to neither good nor evil. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 anime anti-heroes. Special thanks to our users Shahab Gh, Ryan.123, erpege, Josiah A. Wallis, Chaospariah, Kiefer Vu, dageman1, thenewjord50, Anthony Herzog and saeed for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at!

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Lavinya Takpak says:

where is sebastian michaelis???

MemoryFreeze says:

No sesshomaru? Kys.

German Ramos says:

Vegeta wasn’t just a best anti villain and rival but he holds best character development of any anime character going from a cold heartless killer prince to the more mellow and and somewhat loving father and husband figure. Let’s not forget the moment he sacrificed his own life knowing he would of gone to hell when he fought Majin Buu.

kulsum firdaus says:

They should also make – "Top 10 Watch mojo Anime top 10 videos".

Just another fan says:

Ok but where my dog Hisoka at

Jermmy Yitzhak says:

did akira toriyama actuallygive picollo a last name?????!!!!!! "DAIMAO"????!!!!!!!!!!1

Sinuz PSZM says:

Viral from Gurren Lagann should've been on this list

Sinuz PSZM says:

Did they really just put 2 FMA characters back-to-back on this list?

Darkness Knight Hood says:


Freyja Tulloch says:

Why the hell is Light classed as an anti-HERO? Gotta love him, but he's evil as hell. At most, an anti-villan

otaku says:

how dare you light and lelouch not number 1 just because dragonball have more fans

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