Top 10 Anime Rage Moments (2010 – 2016)

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飯島香菜子 says:


Johan Muselaire says:

This caption rape ew

Анатолий says:

I don't want to sound sexis at all, neither do i support rape but from the looks of it, it implies that Casca was enjoying the rape .

Eliezer Batista says:

Os maiores rages de todos os tempo foi o do gon e o do gohan

Dark Days says:


animgame zone says:

que hace naruto vs pain aquí?

Yee Yee says:

I’m glad I don’t watch fucking anime

Wtf is this face


guts should be first she got fucking raped nice hentai but great rage

botnel Colico says:

"man he got so mad he hit puberty" I remember a reactor saying that after he saw gon rage

joh animezocker says:

Kann wirklich sagen du hast guten Geschmack

EliteGamer says:

*Migi*, Bogyo Tanamu

That sperm that won the race says:

Why isnt obito rampage vs mist ninja here?? It was better than 6 tailed naruto..

erick villegas says:

Naruto raged so hard the budget went down

Terra Blade says:

i love mob psycho 100

Zaid Al Sekri says:

Holy shit this vid is o pointttt

LaurenTiare says:

The AOT scene was badass…It made my heart melt to see Levi cry…I wanted to hug him…to assure him everything is going to be okay

David Bujna says:

Levi's rage was cooler in manga, he took on three titans, not just one, maybe even more, didn't read it in while

Jake Branthe says:

Griffith dindu nuthin' wrong

OhhSoThatsHowLong TheNameCanGet says:

issie when he pokes rias's tit

Mr. Fluffles_YT says:

Levis god mode tho……

707's depression says:

like gintama because it's make me laught to death and sometime i cry my momma

Lucas Villon says:

Evangelion shinji rage on fight

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