Top 5 most perverted anime’s

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This is one of my not so good top 5 idea’s

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Blu Jolt Pony says:

Diz – Vii you sure are a fagit

Blu Jolt Pony says:

Hey i love hentai

Francisco Rodriguez says:

You forgot about sekirei!

mizore shirayuki says:

hentai means pervert(s) in japanese

drew6874 says:

Eiken is one of the most perverted and (Depressing) anime ever!

ThunderGaming99 says:

heavens lost property?

Demon Rantz says:

I watched this ages ago.

YOU NUBE says:


Maka Albarn says:

Whers boku no pico?

keyniyah Burgess says:

Oh my god auto correct

keyniyah Burgess says:

Should of put doss x sis nasty show😟

keyniyah Burgess says:

I laughed when he said : oh my god it's fu*** Ikkitousen(the way he said it

Tanto Tequila says:

seitokai yakuindomo. Not the type of perversion that these are but its constant perverted jokes.

Lightning Farron says:

lol. Where is Junk Boy?

Oliver Frank says:

What is no.3 ?

herman pulse says:

i wanne see him watch highschool dxd lol XD

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