Top Upcoming Summer 2016 Anime

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So here’s a list of shows that I’m looking forward to in the Summer 2016 Anime season. The anime in the video are NOT ranked and if I missed some then let me know below. Help this video break 10,000 Likes and Subscribe if you enjoyed this video in ANY way! Uhh see you next time ^^

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Ending Song: “Recollection” by Wagakki Band
Anime on Thumbnail: Tales of Zestiria the X

Full Seasonal List:


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NetherlandsFTW !! says:

song name ate 2:45 ??

Huey Freeman says:

i'm looking for the name of an anime where the character(s) woke up in a different land/place and didn't remember how they got there?? the moon was red, and they hunted goblins; mostly to level up. they used magic. their leader was a healer who was killed with an arrow that penetrated his back.

i was hooked on it until l went to sea; came back, i have forgotten the name.


くんやみかぜ says:

what song: saiki kusuo no psi Nan???

Edward Sagum says:

Tf all of it is an Synopsis.

Yato says:


Ceon_ TheRuleBreaker says:

plastic memo :'/
no season 2

antonette says:

Rewrite is there

Tilting 24/7 says:

what is the song at 2:46? I've been trying to search for that song for about a month or two now :/

weeselton sauce says:

Anyone know sth about Owari No Seraph Season 3???

Quamia Lewis says:

Is sds really returning

Realistics says:

mob psycho is my no. 1. its a must watch.

Gin IzeCold says:

Cant wait for the second season of nanatsu no taizai

Bạch Dạ Lam says:

I want to know the name of this song at 2:48 . Please tell me .

Niko Carvajal says:

kakeru :'c

Blank Unknown says:

theres a new show called Servamp i can't watch a show where the main character has the power but it is his servant that does the fighting i find it weird

Benjamin Silva says:

ReLife is awesome :d

PHAiley ANIME says:

Orange or ERASED? Which is gonna be better?

Lil' Servant Ron says:


Goran Brankovic says:

Orange is truly sad anime since i watched clannad and no other anime made me cry expect these two anime 🙂

Justin Arackel says:

relife is best

Superangelo 64 says:

berserk 2016 is really good…
jajajaja, just kidding

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