“Who’s that Character?!” Mega Anime Avatar Creator- Girls Go Games!

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With this video, YOU GUYS can have the fun! I made all of these characters into an anime (some were already anime) and you guys had to guess who they were. This video was easy level, so if you want to see medium level, comment “@Medium” in the comments (Idk why I chose an @ sign…)! I hope you guessed them all because if you haven’t… good luck to Medium level!
This was also a challenge to me because I had to actually make the characters myself (I didn’t draw them obviously XD). By the way, I know I got Harley Quinn’s eye color wrong…


My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxX7QvFj5gHpDpZ1Fo6irGA
My Roblox: https://www.roblox.com/users/91748058/profile


Cathy Gatpolintan says:

4ayano aishi yandere chan

Shophie Love says:

Harley Queen,Jefe the killer,Yandere Chan,You and…..i don't know

Hannah King says:

waa got them all :33

Tawan Tawan says:

yandere chan

Tawan Tawan says:

jeff the killer

Leo & Shadow says:

I love these so much you should make more vids like these😍😋

Mae Playz&Drawz says:

i got all of them correct yay!exept the last one btw i did not know her name is Yender chan but i knew the character i shouted Yandere chan an it was correct lol

infernal Dragon 87 says:

worst jeff ever i have make a beter 1

Mandy Blair says:

I love Jeff!

Psychopath Yandere Yandere Simulator says:

on the front it look like yandere simulator

KillerGirl ROBLOX & More! says:

Here's a challenge:
Make the creepiest character u can
Make the Nicest Character u can
Make the weirdest character u can
Make the sadest character u can
Make the happiest character u can
Make Senpai

Kidervaction Plaseria says:

I guess your really beautiful

iiPieTalks says:

Have you guessed them all right? <3

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