Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist | EPIC DUEL!!!

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Most insane Yu-Gi-Oh skills you’ve ever seen I got this shit on lock.

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Ian Ponce says:

"it's better to go second cause you can't attack on your first turn"
Exodia out of nowhere

EdwardMaximus says:

Whoa out of all the videos, that was the fastest rage quit I’ve seen lol

Shoa Mien says:

And this is why pot of greed is banned

Awesome Jedi Dude says:

Wow just wow

grace calis says:

I love the cheerful music in the background as Michael loses his shit. Its like a big "fuck u" from the game

Curtis Jones says:

Goddammit Sun! You didn't believe in the heart of the cards!

chizukichan says:

Subscribed. Lol, that luck tho.

Nicolás Caro says:

Look at me using my big boy curse words

Autistic Aniki says:

God damn it Seeker you asshole, Pot of Greed is not tournament legal.

100 ideia says:

O Heitor perdeu assim tambem kkkkkkkkkkk. Sicker e sua mania de trolar os outros

BGExodia says:

You thought

Banks B says:

That's why pot of greed is banned lool exodia Deck with pot of greed is op

Drago Plays Xbox says:

But no one's ever drawn Exodia.

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